Soundings of the Planet


Dudley Evenson & Dean Evenson, M.S.

Soundings of the Planet co-founders. Award-Winning Sound Healing Pioneers

Authors of Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music

Dudley and Dean Evenson are respected musicians and multi-media producers who have been living their dreams for five decades since they met in 1968. During the 1970s, they lived and traveled with their young family in a half-sized, converted school bus documenting the new consciousness that was emerging. Capturing the people, places, and events of the day, their use of the newly released portable video camera placed them as trailblazers of a technological revolution that continues to this day.

In 1979, Dudley and Dean co-founded their music label, Soundings of the Planet, with a mission of sharing Peace Through Music. Their entrepreneurial spirit and musical talents propelled them as pioneers into the field of sound healing. Their award-winning music and videos have been used in far-ranging settings from hospitals and yoga centers to prisons, schools, homes, and workplaces to support massage and people's healing and life process.

For many decades, the Evensons joined new thought leaders around the globe performing concerts and presenting workshops on meditation and sound healing. By 2018, they had produced over 80 albums and numerous videos, with their music being enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Their collaborations with outstanding musicians have brought forth a continuous stream of life-enhancing music with new releases every year.

Now they have published their first book Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music which supports both beginning and advanced meditators in deepening and improving their meditation using sound tools and techniques. The book is filled with practical tips, exercises, photos, and illustrations that take the reader on an empowering journey of finding peace within.

These days, after years of traveling to conferences and workshops, Dudley and Dean are content to stay home, reaching out to the world via webinars, online courses, interviews, streaming music sites, and the internet. They live in a cottage by a wild river in a forested valley of the Cascade Mountains. Their music is available on cd or listen on streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora, YouTube. Search Dean Evenson or Soundings of the Planet.More info at

Fractal Meditation Music by Dean Evenson from Stillness album

Dive deep into this incredibly beautiful fractal meditation. Journey from Earth to space and beyond galaxies into the depths of the sacred geometric structure of the Universe. From macro to micro – all is One. Let your mind float on waves of peaceful music by Dean Evenson from his award-winning album STILLNESS. Meditate on the exquisite glory of these computer graphics created by Dean’s son, Elijah Evenson, as he brings to life the inner splendor of the cosmos.


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